Dad discovers son is a Bully, finds an Effective Solution

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Ever wondered how to give a bully a valuable lesson? This dad knew his thing, and he didn't hesitate a minute to explain to his son how things work in this world. Not sure if influenced by the 3rd dynamic's law or Karma itself, the lesson is clear: "everything you give, you'll receive back".

Dear Bully, it's your turn

As soon as this dad discovered that his teen son was bullying young kids around the school, he decided to operate immediately. And in an old-fashioned way too, perhaps. For sure, the young fella learned a very valuable lesson that day.

Firstly, just like many other parents, this father too decided to bring in the help of a professional. In fact, he brought his teenage bully son to the local gym where a PRO boxer was waiting for him.
He made him put on his gloves and headgear and, finally, enter the ring. As soon as he entered, the experienced boxer was there waiting for him, pounding his own face, and communicating a strong nonverbal message.

What Happened

As soon as the sparring starts, it is clear that the teenage boy has already been involved in fights and brawls, but with not more than smaller kids. He proceeds to throw some punches but is soon crushed by the pro. Even though the boxer didn't go full on him, he managed to deliver him the right amount of attacks the youngster needed so much.

The father of the bully

The father, who was observing his son's attitude adjustment from outside the ring, even proceeds to shout "Hit Back, tough guy!" at his son.
The second round is between the youngster and another younger boxer who is still more skilled and experienced, and so proceeds to give him the lesson.


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What do you think about this dad's strategy? The purpose of this experience wasn't just to bully the teenage boy just for fun, but rather to give him a valuable lesson. Often, when words just don't do their thing, experience kicks in. In this case, the experience that this young man learned is the feeling of being beaten up. When empathy is underdeveloped for whatever reason, it can be easily re-established by experiencing a situation from the other end, just like in this case.

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