COME BACK HOME (2022) - Donnie Yen Returns In This Disaster Thriller

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Hello there, welcome back!
Donnie Yen returns on the screen and this time he's still fighting, but a little bit differently...

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This is the first trailer for the 2022 Chinese adventure disaster movie Come Back Home with Donnie Yen.

The Plot

Donnie Yen returns on screen with a new thriller movie

Come back home is a story about a family whose eight-year-old child goes missing in a blizzard in the Chiang Mai mountains, after an incident between the father and son. A rescue team is assembled to find the missing boy, but as time goes by, the hopes of finding the child alive are greatly diminished. Will there be a miracle for this family? This film may also be known as Polar Rescue.

About the Movie: Donnie Yen Returns

The film is directed by Law Chi-Leung, a Hong Kong director known for his brilliant thrillers, such as Koma, Inner Sense, and the Vanished Murderer. As you can see from the trailer, the big draw card here is actor and producer Donnie Yen, who really needs no introduction, but was last seen on the big screen with Raging Fire and on the small screen with New Kung Fu Cult Master.

Donnie Yen in the new 2022 movie with Cecilia Han

Alongside Yen is Cecilia Han, a Chinese tv veteran who will be seen in the upcoming film flashover, and was in the Ip Man tv series.
Joining them is Chinese actor Jia Bing known for his comedy works in films like The Eleventh Chapter and Lost in Russia.

Release Date

The film will be released, in China, on October 27, 2022.
However, we still do not know precisely when the movie will appear on western screens too.
Stay tuned for the update so you'll know when it will be finally available!

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anand gunukonda
2022-10-26 12:57:51
He was excellent technical fighter we are so excited looking that movie We are waiting for the coming movie thank you so much

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