Chuck Norris Reveals The Biggest Secret From His Fight With Bruce Lee

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Hey there, welcome back.
Do you remember The Way of the Dragon, especially the Chuck Norris fight with Bruce Lee?
In this interview, Chuck opens up about some details regarding the making of the scene. Enjoy!

This video was uploaded by Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central on his official YouTube Channel. So, don't forget to check him out.
The following article is a transcript of the video above.

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee

So, Chuck Norris, we all know, him we all love him. I managed to find an old VHS tape and I just restored it. It turns out that there's an interview with Chuck Norris on that VHS tape, and he's talking about his big fight with Bruce Lee on Way of the Dragon and he actually reveals one of the biggest secrets from that fight.
So, here guys, take a look.

Chuck Norris fight with Bruce Lee

Following, the dialogue between Chuck Norris and his interviewer.

Chuck Norris
That movie was, had a cost of 145 000 dollars to produce it grossed over 60 million dollars worldwide. It's amazing, huh?

You're glad you're in it!

Chuck Norris
Oh yeah, of course, I am! Because I enjoyed working with Bruce Lee in the film, it was a lot of fun. The fight scene is considered the classic martial art fight scene of all time. So, it's nice to be involved in a, you know, in a fight scene that everyone... In fact, I got a letter, I've gotten thousands of letters from pen letters from that movie. And I got a letter one time, a guy wrote because there's a scene where I throw Bruce to the ground, and he grabs the hair on my chest and he pulls it out, right? Of course, he doesn't do it for real. But I get a letter from this man and he says he and his son had seen Return of the Dragon 26 times. And he says, he said: I've got it...

They weren't selling ice creams in the stores...

Chuck Norris
Pardon me?

They weren't selling ice creams in the stores.

Chuck Norris
It's amazing! People have seen this movie so many times...unbelievable! I've got letters where people have seen it 18, 19, 20 times... and because of the fight scene. But he says like, he says: "Did Bruce really pull the hair out of your chest?". He said: "if he did, you're really a stud". So, I wrote back and said "No, not for real. He didn't".
But it's really it's interesting to think of how people react to the film.

Yeah. So, what next?

Chuck Norris
Well, I have to be back home on Monday, I've got four movie offers. I just finished another movie that will be coming over in the near future, called The Octagon. That's very good. And I have four offers now, and I've got to decide, you know, what film I want to do this summer.

So, it'll be films and not television or anything.

Chuck Norris
No, I don't want to do television as yet, Graham. Mainly because I work all year round, and there are certain times of the year when I cut my activities down drastically. Because I have two teenage boys who are in high school and they play American Football and Baseball. During that particular time of the year I kind of slow my activities down, so I can go to their games.

Well, thanks very much, Chuck for coming along and, every success in the future!

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