China's Elite Female Bodyguards

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We make our best in keeping up with the eastern culture and traditions. So, today we discovered a new trend: China's Elite Female Bodyguards.

  In China, the security industry started 20 years ago. Since then, the bodyguard industry is growing. Because of the economic boom, many Chinese have become wealthy. And of course they need protection. This way, the protection industry is becoming always more popular. Students train in the Yun Hai Elite Security School founded in 2009. The young bodyguards are the best choice for client's needs. Usually, female bodyguards work for female clients because rect quickly and stand out less. Girls who train to become bodyguards have some strict standards. They sleep in military beds and are coached in the use of guns and weapons. But since no personal weapons are legal in China, bodyguards must be experts in fightings. Only one weapon is legal, which is a special pen that these bodyguards use. Ladies have to be strong, but not only. Since they don't have stand out they must also know how to dress well and make up themselves.  

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