Bruce Lee: The Real Man beyond the Myth

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Bruce Lee the real Man beyond the Myth

Bruce Lee has become an Inspirational Figure to Many People, providing them with Motivation to achieve their Goals

Bruce Lee's incredible willpower and perseverance in the face of the challenges that life threw at him have led to him being remembered fondly by millions of fans worldwide, even 45 years after his untimely death. He is still known as the greatest martial artist in history, and his immense accomplishments within the 32 years of life that he had speaks volumes.

By revolutionizing the martial arts movie genre, and introducing the world to the beauty and efficiency of martial arts, Lee left an indelible mark on the world. He left us too soon, not having enough time to put many of his projects into action. His unexpected passing, however, gave rise to many stories and tales surrounding his larger-than-life persona.

Bruce Lee with gloves

This isn't a retelling of Bruce Lee's biography, but instead an attempt to examine the life of a great master and a remarkable character, through the eyes of those fortunate enough to have known him personally, by training with him, acting with him, being exposed to his philosophy, and learning his unique style of combat.

Determining what is Factual and what is not

Bruce Lee would have preferred Studying Medicine to Martial Arts

We are trying to discover the difference between the factual and the imagined accounts of Lee's life, as well as where the real information about the iconic martial artist can be found. His tremendous impact on the movie business and the way he revolutionized fight films were due to his ability and his new perspective on martial arts.

Lee's more practical approach to choreographing fight sequences was a consequence of his earlier life when he was part of a gang, and he had to protect himself from numerous adversaries who regularly used knives and chains.

The Practice of Wing Chun and Tai Chi Techniques are Studied and Practiced

Ip Man and Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee's martial arts style was a combination of his father's Tai Chi and Yip Man's Wing Chun. He was slight in stature and lived from paycheck to paycheck, but he was a talented student with a dream of performing on the big screen. Bruce's training was not only limited to martial arts, he was also an accomplished dancer and even won the local cha-cha-cha championship, teaching the skill after he moved to the United States and settled in Seattle.

At the same time, he was working at a restaurant part-time and giving martial arts lessons. Lee would describe his martial arts style as Kung Fu, which is the ancestor of Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. He would say that Kung Fu is a more comprehensive system with a continuous flow of movement instead of just one or two movements and stopping. He would compare a Karate punch to an iron bar, whereas a Gong Fu punch is like an iron chain with an iron ball attached to the end, which is more powerful and causes greater damage.

He had a Style all his own, referred to as Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do

As Bruce Lee's knowledge of how to use punches increased, and his comprehension of combat was increased by what he'd learned in philosophy studies, he became increasingly likely to develop his own technique, which would be distinct from the ones that already existed and would move away from the recognized customary practices.

Lee articulated, "I don't teach Karate since I don't believe in styles anymore. I don't think there's a Chinese or Japanese way of fighting. Unless people have three arms and four legs, we will all fight differently. We all just have two hands and two feet, so styles tend to separate us, as they have their own doctrines that become the truth, and you can't modify them."

Bruce Lee

Lee had admiration for the martial arts traditions, but he was puzzled as to why the instructors were so attached to the theory and disregarded a deeper comprehension of the styles and an insight into the true heart of martial arts. Lee developed a personal style based on the concept of conserving energy and being as straightforward and useful as possible.

The Path of the Intercepting Fist

Bruce Lee in Game of Death

Bruce concentrated not on the defense that would enable the adversary to set their own speed in an actual battle, yet on the assault and his capacity to precisely anticipate the adversary's assault. This is the manner in which the style of Jeet Kune Do, the way of capturing clenched hands, was conceived. Its substance was in the outright opportunity to respond to the adversary's activities.

"We should adjust," said Bruce. To examine and know precisely what is going on, like water that tops off a vessel without changing it to itself, yet taking its shape. Bruce communicated a similar thought in his barely any jobs in the west, for example in the Tv Series The Green Hornet.

Kato was a Character in the Popular Comic Book and Television Show, The Green Hornet

Bruce Lee as Kato in Green Hornet

People in the same era commented that the youthful Bruce, who depicted Kato, the sidekick of the Green Hornet who fought for equity, was recalled by the viewers almost more than the lead actor Van Williams. Over the years, Williams remembered that working with Bruce was a remarkable experience for him. The young actor had already made an impression with his skills and simultaneously was incredibly respectful of his colleagues.

Williams remarked that Lee was quite foreign to the role, yet he worked hard to establish himself in the film industry by undertaking atypical characters. At the time, Bruce still had a heavy accent, and yet, the performers conversed with him for a long time after shooting, sharing experiences.

Individual who is continually honing their Martial Arts skills never ceases their Study of Kung Fu

Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung know how Fast Bruce Lee really was

Knowing he was inexperienced in cinema, Lee was open to the guidance of more experienced colleagues. Bruce would often show off his amazing martial arts abilities, with Van Williams noting that Lee moved so quickly it was hard to see his actions. In 1967 at a Karate Tournament, Lee proposed a contact fighting style based on Jeet Kune Do, but this was met with much criticism from eastern masters and even his own teacher Yip Man, who opposed Lee's desire to bring martial arts to Hollywood movies.

The population of Chinese Individuals living in San Francisco is quite significant

Bruce Lee Students

Bruce's reception in the west was not very favorable and the Chinese community in San Francisco was against him teaching Kung Fu to other races. Nevertheless, he resolved this issue easily by engaging in combat with his adversaries and defeating their best fighters, thus demonstrating his entitlement to instruct Kung Fu at his own discretion. His outlooks were deemed fresh and innovative, and his classes were attended not only by novice practitioners but also by black belt holders.

Bruce achieved renown among his peers through his hard work and a clear vision of the future of martial arts. However, in January 1970, he closed his three schools, and afterward, while training, he damaged his fourth sacral nerve, which caused him to be bedridden for half a year. The consequences of the injury affected him for the rest of his life. During his recovery, he understood that Hollywood was not ready to embrace him mainly because of his Chinese heritage, which made their offers to him very restrictive and trite.

Impact of Wing Chun on Bruce Lee

Consequently, he decided to go back to Hong Kong and make a name for himself so that the west would accept him as a movie hero. He returned to the familiar settings he grew up in and which his viewers could relate to on some level, making the ambition of a fighter the ultimate goal.

What was remarkable about Bruce, in contrast to other fighters who just threw repeated punches at their opponents and the viewers did not have time to appreciate the movement in front of them, was that each of his punches was incredibly powerful and unparalleled, sharpened, adjusted, and punctuated with a yell.

We will not concentrate on how he became famous with Chinese producers and broke box office records film after film. Instead, we want to highlight what made Bruce so memorable and alluring to the viewers and why he is still remarkable even today.

Combating Unfairness

Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

Numerous audiences of different generations have watched Bruce's action movies, and it's well known that he had made a good impression even when he was still a kid. The characters he portrayed had understandable motives; they didn't act against the wicked out of their own will, but they couldn't just stay by when the meek were in danger. Bruce wanted the viewers to comprehend that violence is only self-defense from malevolence and unfairness and not an end in itself.

It's no mystery that some of the maneuvers used by Bruce in his movies were created for more sensational scenes, unlike the genuine Jeet Kune Do fighting styles. Nevertheless, even the moves chosen for shooting were as realistic as possible, which was a massive distinction from the Chinese cinema of that period. It was Bruce who thought: "If there is no category, I will be its originator."

Make your Opinions and Feelings known

Bruce Lee with Shannon

Bruce Lee once said: According to me, martial arts is a way of honestly expressing oneself. It is not easy to be genuine and not fake it. It is not hard to make a show out of it or feel a cocky attitude about it. One can also portray some fancy movements, but to express oneself truthfully is quite a challenge.

Bruce Lee was an innovator who showed the world a different side of martial arts, and people were captivated by him. It was not only the techniques but also how he achieved perfection and visualized his art. He stated that it was not enough to just be a master of martial arts to create a striking scene, but it was necessary to demonstrate the strikes in such a way that the viewers in the cinema can feel the strength of it.

To make this effect, only a part of the footage was chosen. Bruce was very exacting with himself and others, hence sometimes he even had to do 10 takes of the same scene until he was completely satisfied with the outcome. Jackie Chan is often compared to Bruce Lee, but Jackie, with his martial arts skills and fame, could not match Lee's charisma and impact. Therefore, Lee introduced a new style and thorough approach to the task, and also he inspired people with his physical form. Arnold Schwarzenegger even proclaimed that Bruce's body was the benchmark for the lack of additional body fat.

The way he Interacts with Food

Bruce Lee Eating

It is commonly accepted that Bruce had an impressive physique, standing at around 171 centimeters and weighing between 57 to 65 kilograms, however, this was not the case. From a young age, his diet was poor and this habit carried on throughout his acting career until he eventually adopted a strict new training routine and diet. This is made especially evident when comparing his appearance from Big Boss, Fist of Fury to that of The Way of the Dragon and The Exit of the Dragon.

bruce lee and chuck norris

Bruce popularised the use of weight training to increase efficiency with martial arts and called upon Chuck Norris to be his opponent in a movie set in the Coliseum. They shared many similarities and after Bruce's untimely death, Chuck spoke openly about their relationship. Bruce was an innovator, scholar, and martial artist and had an incredible presence and impressive muscle definition. The excitement around his films was so great that sometimes screenings had to be stopped due to traffic jams and large crowds of people.

His sudden death at the age of 32 caused an immense shock to many and although the official report was of brain edema due to a reaction to the medication, there are still many theories that remain unverified. The Game of Death, which was his last film, was shot in reverse and much of the footage was lost for many years. He played many roles in this movie such as actor, director, producer, choreographer, scriptwriter, production designer, cameraman, and even gaffer.

The version that was eventually released, however, is said to have not met his standards. As is often the case with those who become a legend in their lifetime, after Bruce's death, rumors and myths quickly began to circulate. However, modern technology has been used to create videos that make it appear as if Bruce is playing table tennis or lighting matches with a Nunchaku - these are nothing more than commercials.

Disproving the Misconceptions

His contemporaries asserted that Lee could suspend a 32-kilogram bell on his arm for a few moments, that his vertical jump was over two meters, and that he could throw a 300-kilogram punching bag with his blows and do 50 push-ups with one finger. He habitually registered these accomplishments on camera, which included his one-inch punch and multiple repetitions of the most difficult push-ups. Despite this, there is an important part of his abilities that remain undocumented, yet this does not deny that Lee was capable of these feats in theory.

Exposing the myths surrounding Bruce Lee is challenging, especially with the presence of related content on platforms such as YouTube that make it hard to differentiate between fact and fiction. Those who suggest that certain facts about him are simply legends will be immediately criticized. However, there is a distinction between criticism and raising historical facts. Even today, if someone of fame questions Bruce's abilities, the reaction can be harsh.

Micheal Jay White on Bruce Lee gravestone

Michael Jai White, an actor, and fighter known for his many memorable roles committed a grave mistake by implying that he could beat Bruce Lee. No matter what one thinks of Bruce, remarks like this are reckless and will undoubtedly be met with disapproval from his admirers. On the 44th anniversary of Lee's death, Michael released a statement expressing his deepest sorrow for what he had said about Lee. Michael himself is quite knowledgeable in the world of martial arts, but when speaking to a large audience, one must be more mindful of what they say about Bruce Lee, who is acknowledged as the greatest martial artist of all time.

It is true that Bruce never participated in any official competitive fights, unlike someone like Chuck Norris. Though there are several videos of his demonstration performances on the internet and reports that he sparred with masters from around the world, there is no proof that he took part in sanctioned battles. This does not mean that his style would not be effective in a tournament, but all the talk about his supposed fights and how they would compare to modern MMA stars are mere speculation.

This is inevitable when it comes to a figure as legendary as Bruce. Even today, he continues to motivate his followers, such as 11-year-old Ryusei Imei, who has been copying Lee's moves and workouts since a very young age and is already appearing in films. Nike designers have also created one of their best sneakers, the Kyrie 3 series, inspired by Bruce Lee and Kobe Bryant.

Baby Bruce Lee

This video was created to remember the qualities that made Bruce a legend, rather than to cover every detail of his life. It was uploaded by The World of Boxing on their official YouTube channel, so be sure to check out their other content!

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