A Wing Chun Champion Like No Other

Feb 01st, 2021

Yi Long is the living depiction of an authentic Kung Fu Fighter.
We all know very well those famous videos in which some deluded "energy fighting" master, or even better a false one, gets their jaw a new remake.
Times have changed and, thanks to guys like Yi, several traditional martial arts are regaining their dignity. Believe it or not, Yi claims to be self-trained in Shaolin Kung Fu and has even called himself the "number one Shaolin Kung Fu Monk", despite the Shaolin temple claiming the fighter is unaffiliated with them in 2010. What is even more interesting is that he was the Guangdong Foshan Wing Chun champion in 2008 edition proving how it's possible to master several Martial Arts together.

Kung Fu Monk Yi Long from China K.O. Japanese boxer Kameda in five-nation top fighters showdown

He brings traditional Kung Fu on the ring challenging several combat sport opponents and he demonstrates how it's possible to use Martial Arts against other fighting systems. He seems to be very self-confident about his skills and the ways to use them in a real fight. In one of the scenes, as you can see in the video, he is been punched several times in row and still encouraging the opponent to hit him more in the his face.

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