5 Little-Known Facts About Ip Ching - Two Years Since His Death

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5 Little-Known Facts About Ip Ching - Two Years Since His Death

Ip Ching was taught Wing Chun by his dad, Ip Man. Since Ip Man was teaching his classes at their home, there was no way to avoid learning martial art. Both Ip Ching and his brother were students of the famous teacher who would eventually train Bruce Lee. Even though the siblings became grandmasters of kung fu, the way they studied it was out of admiration for their dad and a need to keep the customs going, unlike Lee's eagerness.

Ip Ching, the second offspring of the renowned martial arts master Ip Man, passed away over the Lunar New Year in 2020. He may not have been as popular as his illustrious father, but he still had a remarkable life. Here are some facts to be aware of.

Ip Ching was Educated in the art of Wing Chun by his Father

Ip Chun, Ip Ching and Yip Man

Since Ip Man had his school in his own home, it was almost unavoidable for Ip Ching to learn it. Both brothers would become grandmasters, yet they studied this art out of admiration for their father and a wish to keep up the tradition, which was different from Bruce Lee's natural enthusiasm.

Ip Ching became Businessman

Yip Man with his son Ip Ching

In spite of supporting their father in teaching Wing Chun until his death in 1972, Ip Ching and Ip Chun initially did not continue teaching. Ching chose to go into business and started a factory in the New Territories during the 1960s after the manufacturing surge in Hong Kong. Ching offered private Wing Chun classes, yet it was many years before he would become more engaged in martial arts.

Ip Ching Never Met Bruce Lee

Yip Man and Bruce Lee

Even though his dad played a major part in Bruce Lee's martial arts education, Ip Ching never got the chance to meet the acclaimed superstar. While Ip Man was teaching Bruce Lee, Ching and his elder brother were still located in Foshan in the middle of Guangdong province. By the time the siblings shifted to Hong Kong in 1962, escaping the Cultural Revolution, Lee had already left for America.

In the 1990s, after his exit from the business world, Ip Ching returned to practicing Wing Chun. He started teaching this martial art in the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Mong Kok and conducted seminars around the world related to his father's teachings.

Ip Ching in the Ip Man movies

Scene from Ip Man 3

Although he was not initially asked to be part of the hugely successful series in which Donnie Yen played the title role, both Ip Ching and Ip Chun worked with Yen as martial art consultants in the third part. It is likely that Yen wanted to cast them in his films, thereby looking toward the future.

Initially, Yen had declared that the third part was going to be the last one, however, he later agreed to make a fourth film. Released in Hong Kong in December, Jim Liu acted as Ip Ching, whose fight with a bully caused him to be thrown out of school. This made Ip Man travel to San Francisco, in search of a new home for his son, to visit his former student Bruce Lee.

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