Austin Goh wing chun

"I want to share my skill and experience with you all. With hard work and dedication you too can be successful in your martial arts journey. Enjoy the intro of my youtube channel"

Austin Goh

Friendly and open-minded teaching methods

austin goh 1976 A pioneer of Wing Chun, travelling and promoting around the world. Austin received a lot of critiscm for being the first man to teach Wing Chun's third form: Bil Chee, openly in Europe & Hong Kong. Despite lots of critiscm from the martial arts community, Austin persisted and continued to pass the true form of Wing Chun to his students, without any information held back.  

Rich Kung Fu lineage

austin gohAn official representative of the Yip Man Martial Arts association since 1978. A time where only few were selected for this honour. Austin studied with his master for many years. Master Lee Shing was an early private student of Grandmaster Yip Man. Lee Shing spent many years under the one to one guidance of Grand Master Yip Man. Now Austin Goh is the only successor to be still teaching the Lee Shing Lineage which includes the precious teachings from Grandmaster Yip Man.  



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