Teenager's extraordinary experience at Shaolin Temple

An extraordinary experience at Shaolin Temple

Have you ever wondered how would you live and train at the Shaolin Temple, living in first person the extraordinary experience at Shaolin Temple? The Shaolin monks are worldwide famous for undergoing long and hard trainings on daily basis. In a day, they might train for even more than 12 hours. Indeed, the results speak for themsleves. But, would you imagine yourself in such a challenging environment? Do you have what it takes to survive the daily basis?
A young man from Germany surely asked himslef these questions. Not only he dreamed about such an experience, but he also decided to discover it on his own.
This is the story of a teenager also known as Ranton on youtube.
be sure to check out his channels, he does great videos and there are many others about his stay at the Shaolin Temple.

Where to start

Now that you have seen the video, maybe you're wondering: "Ok, where should I start to do it?"
That's a great question. Well, first of all you may want to find a school first near your place, so you may start considering the intensive retire such as the extraordinary experience at Shaolin Temple. You can find a school near you with the help of this site.
Let us know if it was helpful!

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