Wing Chun Vs Pencak Silat in Saigon (2009)


A national champion of Pencak Silat came to Saigon to have a friendly exchange with Pierre Francois Flores after his defeat with master Tuan. Due to the rumors around this fight in Hanoi of cheating by using unclean ways, he wanted to check of Flores’ level and confirm the rumors.

One thought on “Wing Chun Vs Pencak Silat in Saigon (2009)

  • August 26, 2017 at 3:38 am

    These videos are insulting to wing Chun. This guy is fighting old 90 lbs. Masters and he looks 6 ft. Tall and 250 pounds. Your embarrassing yourself. Fight a real challenge and prove real skill from hard work! Come fight me let’s see you you can block some real power. Or train harder and fight an even match


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