Wing Chun vs Muay Thai impressive match

Wing Chun vs Muay Thai

Welcome back to another of our versus videos series. This time we are back with a new Wing Chun vs Muay Thai match! Indeed, it is sort of a short fight, but very intense too.

As you can see, the Wing Chun practitioner (white shirt) managed very well this fight. He stood calm and reacted actively with lots of strenght.
Unfortunately we don’t get to see nothing about Muay Thai, he had no time at all! In fact, the wing Chun athlete shot back the Muay Thai guy with a powerful kick.
Secondly, he dodged the upcoming attack and reacted with another kick, this time the last one. As a response the Muay Thai athlete had problems standing up because of a the pain on his side.

A glorious victory

As we always say, it’s not about the martial art, but about the athlete practicing it. This however was a very brief and intense fight. A very enjoyable one since the techniques were strong and accurate.

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