Wing Chun demonstrated by Philipp Bayer

Wing Chun by Philipp Bayer

Similarly to other martial arts, also Wing Chun divided itself in many lineages. As always, this is due also to the fact that Founders and Masters die, and their students take over. That’s the natural evolution of any martial art style. However, it is not rare that students add something new to the style.
Philipp Bayer belongs to the Wong Shun Leung lineage. He is one of his best students and the one ho has imported this lineage in Europe. Firstly in Germany and than secondly also in other european countries.

Philipp and Wong Shun Leung

Wing Chun demonstrated by Philipp Bayer
Philipp Bayer and Wong Shun Leung training together

Bayer didn’t start with Wing Chun. During his early life he was already an european champion in Taekwondo. In fact, he decided to discover more about Ving Tsun since he was very curious about it. And how better aknowledging it if not directly from it’s source – China.
Philipp travelled all the way to China and tried this discipline with various masters. Furthermore he wanted to make sure that the discipline he was training was efficient so he started to challenge local school’s masters.
Beeing already very good in Taekwondo he remained unpleasently surprised how easily he could defeat all the masters.
Demotivated he was about to fly back to Germany when at last minute he found Wong Shun Leung. He challenged also Wong and decided to stay in China to train with him since Master Wong defeated him with any problem.

After several years of training with Wong, Philipp did a comeback to Germany and soon established VTKFAE which stays for Ving Tsun kung Fu Association Europe.

Training with Philipp

Whenever you’d like to participate to one of Philipp’s school you can easily find it on our School Finder.
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