Tony Jaa does a 12 feet tall kick | A MUST WATCH!

12 feet tall – 3 meters high

So, what else to say. 12 feet is really high for a person who is 5.6 feet (1.72 m).
As always it requires a lot of training and determination. Great success always starts with a longh path and some “failures”.
For this purpose we always try to encourage anybody, who feels like martial arts are their stuff, to go on and try them. There are many styles out there, and surely you’ll find the one that fits you best.
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Could it actually be a new World Record?

So far we know that the World record for the highest kick goes to Pascal Gentil. He is a french Takwondo athlete who won bronze two times in the Olympic Games and many other prizes. He is the greatest french Taekwondo athlete so far.
However, Pascal is 6.4 feet tall (which is 1.98 m), differently from tony who is 5.6 ft (1.72 m).
Pascal set the World’s highest kick Record at 8.6 feet (2,66m).
You can see the footage of his World Record down here:

We aren’t sure if Tony’s abilities may outmatch Pascal’s record, but Jaa surely would be a great candidate for a challenge of such greatness.
Some are speculating that Tony already did higher kicks, and in the video it seems like the ball is placed at 12 feet, more or less. From this fact, many argue that he is actually the one beholding the World Record. However, if it was true only an actual recording could tell us if he broke the record or not.

At the end of the day, Tony remains one of the best athletes out there, being it for the record or not 🙂

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