Rare footage of Wong Shun Leung’s school in Hong Kong

This one is not so common. We’ve found aΒ Rare footage of Wong Shun Leung‘s school in Hong Kong.



Wong Shun Leung (1935-1997) was on of the greatest Ip Man‘s students. In fact, he’s still among the great Wing Chun masters.

Wong become famous as he was a champion in dangerous street fights without any rules. The worthy winners of these fights brought fame to their name and to their school. In fact, Wong started Wing Chun when he was a teenager. As soon as he heard of Yp Man he decided to test out his school. However, one of Ip’s minor students quickly defeated him. Wong decided immediately to stay and later on, Ip said that Wong would make Wing Chun become famous in one year. Seems like Ip was wrong, since Wong become popular in Hong Kong in only six months.

Wong is also famous for being Bruce Lee’s master and mentor. But he is certainly worthy to be remembered as a great fighter more than somebody’s shadow.

Much as he was a great fighter and master, he was a really simple and humble figure.


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