Wushu Vs. Wing Chun (Janice Hung Feat. Marc Schweflinghaus)



A combination of two great martial arts Wushu and Wing Chun.
You’ll see movements from Wushu and Wing Chun in this short action flick. Wushu it’s a Chinese Martial Arts often used in Hollywood films mostly seen in Jet Li’s movies, Kung Fu Panda, Charlie’s Angels and a lot more, on the other hand Wing Chun was used in the movies about Grandmaster IP Man and Bruce Lee.

Both Martial arts are great for self defense and cinematic movements.

Janice Hung is an International Wushu Champion, she represented Philippine Team to different International Wushu Competitions and bagged medals for the Philippine Team. Nationally, a 10x Gold Medalist in Wushu.

Marc Schweflinghaus is a long time Wing Chun Practitioner and have his own Wing Chun School in Germany.

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