Sergio Iadarola explain Wing Tjun system

Sifu-Sergio-IadarolaSifu Sergio gives and exclusive insight into the IWKA Wing Tjun system, which has programs and forms from several lineages in its curriculum. This system is based upon the concepts and theory dating back to around the 1800’s, with training methods from Wing
Chun’s ancestor arts Fujian white crane and Emei.

From his website:

“Hi, I’m Sifu Sergio, founder of the IWKA (International Wing Tjun Kung Fu Association) welcome to my website.

My dream has always been to spread the message of Wing Tjun Kung Fu in its purest form and my search still goes on.

I’m interested in seeing you achieve a better health, strength and fitness, this can be done by practicing Kung Fu as it will have it’s effect on your whole life.

Let me help you break your barriers, leap over obstacles and overcome your fear and become everything you’ve ever wanted to be.”

Sergio Iadarola

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