Wing Chun vs Jeet Kune Do: A Short Theory

A very discussed theme lately: Wing Chun vs Jeet Kune Do. Here is a very theoretical approach towards both disciplines.   It is specified right at the beginning: Bruce Lee learned a different Wing Chun than that that he taught. He modified a lot of techniques and teaching techniques in order to reach a better level. In this video we want to show you some basic differences between Bruce Lee's and Ip Man's Wing Chun. As the first thing we show you three Bruce Lee's techniques. So, you can easily see how Bruce really wanted to use his opponents energy or tension for his advantage. Since Bruce has only seen Siu Lim Tao and Chum Kiu, he has never seen Biu Jee. This way, we can say that he wasn't completely aware of the full teachings of Ip Man. Anyway, as he came to USA he preferred to change Chi Sao training in order to adapt to a stronger and taller american body structure.


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