Philipp Bayer recalls how he met Wong Shun Leung in Hong Kong

wong shun leung school in hong kong
Wong Shun Leung school’s in Hong Kong


In this video Master Philipp Bayer recalls how he met Wong Shun Leung in Hong Kong:

“In September 1981 i flew to Hong Kong for the first time. While there I visited several Ving Tsun schools but there, the problem was the same: no one could deal with my kicks so i went to a martial arts store in Hong Kong and the owner of the store came over and asked me if i practiced Kung Fu. I answered “yes” and i told him i was looking for instruction in Ving Tsun and which schools i had visited, then he said: “bullshit!” and he gave me the address of Wong Shun Leung’s school.

philipp bayer and wong shun leung
Philipp Bayer and Wong Shun Leung

So, I went back to Kowloon and visited this school, i walked in and there were people sitting at a table. One guy was doing the first form of Ving Tsun, another guy was on a bench pressing weights. Not exactly the training environment that i had envisioned, they looked more like a bunch of guys planning a robbery. I said i wanted to train but i guess they thought me rude for interrupting their game so i turned around and left the room but when i was waiting for the elevator one of the students came up to me and he said – Please come back in, the Master wants to ask you something in person – so i went back and Wong Shun Leung asked me, while holding a cigarette (which was also strange) what had happened to my hand and i told him i had lost it in an accident.

He asked why i wanted to practice Ving Tsun, so i told him: – I think it’s a great style, fighting with your hands – and he told me to come back the next day but i said that i couldn’t because i was flying to my home the next day and i would like to test whether he could block my kicks.

He said: – OK, go ahead – and then i thought: should i attack this elderly gentleman with his cigarette and all? So, i decided first to test his ability to react: Wong Shun Leung stood in front of me, holding a cigarette, and he hadn’t even assumed a fighting stance or anything, so i took a step back, got into position and … “

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