Wong Shun Leung talks about his Sifu Ip Man


In this video Sifu Wong Shun Leung recalls time with his Sifu Ip Man. Very rare and nice video about a piece of story of Wing Chun


Wong Shun Leung (Chinese: 黃淳樑: 8 May 1935 – 28 January 1997) was a Chinese martial artist from Hong Kong who studied Wing Chun kung fu under Ip Man (葉問) and was credited with training Bruce Lee. In interviews, Wong claimed to have won at least 60, and perhaps over 100, street fights against martial artists of various styles, though these numbers cannot be independently confirmed. Due to his reputation, his students and admirers referred to him as ‘Gong Sau Wong’ (講手王 or ‘King of Talking Hands’). Wong recorded one instructional film entitled Wing Chun: The science of in-fighting.

Master Wong Shun Leung talks about William Cheung and Dim MakWong reportedly trained in several martial art styles in his youth, primarily in Tai Chi and either boxing or kickboxing. He abandoned boxing because of two incidents: one with his boxing coach and one with Ip Man. The first incident apparently occurred because Wong accidentally struck his boxing coach during sparring. The angry coach attacked in earnest, only to be eventually knocked out by Wong; the incident caused Wong to leave boxing. In another account, however, Wong said he had defeated his boxing coach with wing chun techniques: “I was sparring with my instructor and I hit him very hard, he got real mad and came at me very hard. I fought back with wing chun and he ended up bleeding. Boxing was over for me!”

source: Wikipedia

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