When Men Fight Back

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It's no secret that just naturally speaking, men have a stronger physical structure than women. It has absolutely nothing to do with men's and women's rights, mental attitude, or psychological strength. Boys are just built stronger, physically, that's it.
However, some women associate this genetic characteristic with moral or social disequality. And when they keep challenging too much, this is when men fight back.

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When Men Fight Back

So, let's start strong with a big disclaimer right away. This post is not intended to incentivize in any manner gender disequality nor to delude into thinking that we in any way believe in a superior gender, any of that bullshit.
This has absolutely nothing to do with moral, social, or rights disequality between the genders. However, we're simply pointing out the obvious, science-based fact that men are built stronger than women.
A men's physique is prepared for strength and large loads, consequently, the chances of a women fighter winning over a men fighter decrease significantly.

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In a fight, weight, and height play a huge role. Now, if you consider that, generally speaking, women are smaller and lighter than men, there already is a very important disadvantage.
As a woman, we might have some more chance against a male opponent exploiting the speed skill. Just remember that we're statistically speaking about the bodies of the majority of people out there.


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And this has also absolutely nothing to do with equal rights or opportunities. In fact, if we really have to talk about it, what else should be considered gender-equal treatment from a man if not that he treats his female opponent as a man? If you win over a man who spared you, that's not victory and it means nothing, if not that that man was raised properly and has some obvious issues hitting a woman full force.
But when the challenge goes too far and a girl is 100% sure she can handle a man, well, it's great that she receives what she asked for, and tries to handle it.

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