Watch a Kung Fu Girl beat up 3 guys

First of all, what should go wrong when you’re at the bar minding your own business? Nothing really, until somebody starts to behave in bad manners. There are so many things that could happen but the chances are that you’ll never be lucky enough to see anything like this your bar. Watch a Kung Fu Girl beat up 3 guys. What would you do in a situation like that?


First of all, an apparently normal situation goes on. Three guys are sitting in a restaurant, no big deal. As any other every – day situation.

Furthermore, one of the guys starts to act angrily and throws a plate down on the floor. Immediately, the waiters come nearby trying to pacify this guy. Anyways, nothing really seems to help except the arrival of a lady. Does she say anything to calm him down? No. Sometimes a physical approach is more relevant, and this girl knows it well.

Her techniques seem to be too perfect and clear. Because so, many have asked what chances are there for this video to be real? So many people are actually sure that it’s true. Hopefully,it really might be.

Anyways, we all learned a lesson: never mess with an asian lady!

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