Taekwondo Fighter stops the Robbery

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If you like this kind of content, feel free to give a look at our Real Fights series where we explore real fights that happenned all over the world. This time we take a look at what appears to be a taekwondo kick.

The video was uploaded by Fit Style Nutrition, so give him a look!

The Taekwondo kick

Needless to say, this jewelry robber surely did not expect something like this to happen. While he's standing in front of the counter, a guy comes from nowhere with what appears to be a taekwondo kick. The robber takes the kick directly to the nape of his neck and he falls immediately on the ground.

The young guy stopped the robbery with succes, but just as everything seemed to be solved, another unpleasent situation appears: the robber falls on the ground and starts to have what appears to be an intense seizure. As he's trembling on the ground, panic spreads again in the jewelry shop but our hero proves himself again to be very resourceful. He immediately gest down on his knees and tries to help him out.

Taekwondo Fighter stops the Robbery

Once again, his actions are successful and the robber, after some moments uf pure fear, is able to get back on his feet again.
Fortunately we can say that this time the story ended well for everybody as nobody get heavily injured.

Scenes like this are only seen in television performed by stuntmen and actors, so to see them caught on a security camera is always very fascinating.

Similar Story, but this time it's Judo Skills

Something very similar happenned when an angry and dangerous customer got stopped by a very efficient judo grappling. If you'd like to see the video you can find it right here.

judo skill stop the threat

In Conclusion

Hope you guys enjoyed this content and we can't wait to hear from you soon. Let us know what you think about it and feel free to share your ideas with us!
Remember to stay awesome and, most of all, have a great Wing Chun!

23 Feb 2021


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