Kung Fu vs Machete street fight: Fatal mistakes to avoid

It is important to specify that we are against violence. We do not approve of any form of violence nor spreading of it. So, this is a learning video. In Kung Fu vs Machete we want to show you what might be the right attitude to act with. To begin with, this is a video from the series "Fight science Breakdown". Therefore, the purpose is to analyze what is going on. You can see four guys confronting each other verbally. There is no surprise attack. Even though the guys have seen that the other two have taken machetes, they stood up and decided to strike back. This might be a great scenario for a film. But, in real life, there's not much to do against big arms when you are disarmed and stressed like they were. The best decision would be of course to run away and let it go. Most of all, taking distance when your opponent has a gun isn't easy at all. Mind how you act and always try not to use violence. When the situation gets though, try do your best to protect yourself. Don't be a hero, be rational.


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