Ip Man's last student: Leung Ting

Leung Ting calls himself Ip Man's last student. In this video he takes us to a long journey some decades ago when he met Ip Man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx6QDlPrCDc&t=16s   Leung started his training at the early age of 13. He recognizes Ip Man as the fou Ip Man and Leung Tingnder of Wing Chun. So, as soon as he heard about him and had the possibility to take his classes, he did. Leung joined him when he was 19 and since then, as he says,  great collaboration between the two was born. Leung remembers how his mother gave him secretly the money necessary for Kung Fu classes. She was told to do so by Leung's uncles, since he was a naughty little boy. In 1968 Leung asked to perform his Wing Chun in a University. He felt ashamed that there was no traditional chinese martial arts in the courses. In fact, there were only lesson of Karate, which is japanese. After his performance a large number of students asked him to become his students and so, he started his school. Since than Leung's career had a big increase in popularity. In fact some countries called him to train his soldiers or armies.  Leung Ting and Jackie ChanLeung says that the Great Founder of Wing Chun did not want this martial art to become popular, because it is not a performance. He says that he disobeyed and that he is sorry about that, but he tries his best. What do you think about it? Is he managing well with his promise? Let us know!


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