Ip Man vs British epic fight scene

Ip Man vs British

This scene, Ip Man vs British, is from the 2011 film Ip Man: The legend is born.
have you ever seen this film? If not, here’s the trailer

Ip Man: The legend is born

It’s a 2011 film which talks about the story of Ip Man in his early years. Finally you get to see him as a student, and not only as the famous Grandmaster of Wing Chun.
In fact, this film takes inspiration from his early life years and makes a story upon it. Indeed, the character of the teen Ip Man is so young that he isn’t interpreted by Donnie Yen this time. This time is Dennis To to play the Grandmasters character.

Ip Man vs British epic fight scene

Ip Chun

If you’ve seen the film, you have seen also the Ip Man’s real life son – Ip Chun. We have already written an article about his incredible story. Feel free to check it out by clicking the ling above. Believe it or not, Ip Chun was almost 90 years old when he shoot the scenes. He surely is keeping himself in great shape with his Wing Chun.

Ip Man vs British epic fight scene

East vs West

This scene talks very clearly about the well known conflict between the eastern and western culture. It is true that these two were never best friends. Many Ip Man films like to depict this fact. The western culture is usually depicted as arrogant, egocentric and focused on obtaining public succes. On the other hand, the easteners are depicted as very phylosophical, calm and morally guided people.
Of course we don’t want to generalyze, the truth is always somewhere in between. However, it underlines nicely how our two cultures have always had two different approaches to the life.

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