Ip Man in America

Ip Man in America

Ip Man in America is an interresting title. We know for sure that Ip went to the USA, of course. In fact, it’s just an rearrangement of a fight scene from the first Ip Man movie.
We have never heard of this furniture brand before, but we thought that the idea behind it was pretty funny for the real wing Chun nerds, as we are!
The athlete acting in the role of Ip Man is Peter Pham, a notorious wing Chun Instructor. If you have never seen the real scene from which this video was inspired, you can watch it down here.

About Peter Pham

Peter Pham has a school in Dallas, Texas (USA) where he does lessons with other instructors of his. He is a practitioner and an instructor. He is of Vietnamese origins and together with Ken Dinh they make indipendent short movies and have some interesting film projects together. So, apart from beeing a Wing Chun instructor, he is also an indie martial arts actor and a fight choreographer.

Ip Man in America

Training with Peter Pham

Do you like Peter’s style or would you like to try it out? As you can see he is very fast and seems to be very skilled too. So, if you try it out or if you already have, please let us know! It would be awesome if you’d share your experience.
You can find his school on our School Finder, or check directly his website, by clicking right here, where all the info you need are available. His school is currently set in Dallas, Texas (USA).

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