False myths about real fighting in Wing Chun

Today we brought you someĀ False myths about real fighting in Wing Chun. Check out this brief video with some advices. What do you think about them?


Wing Chun as a martial art is very misunderstood nowadays. Anyways, it is unluckily because of some so-called masters. So, it is a tendency to look upon some famous master’s name to seek for quality. However, the only skills these people have are marketing skills, anything to do with fighting. It’s not always a good idea to judge a martial art only because of some false masters who became famous.

Because of this, it’s good to have an outside look on what you train sometimes. Good quality criticism is essential for improvement. But we all know how hard it is to find a rational and objective criticism.

Since it is really in need, it is always a good deal to specify how down to earth Wing Chun really is. It is an extremely practical style of box. Physical and geometrical understanding of your body and the related training are the key.

In conclusion: be aware of the sellers and always do your best to identify what really works and what does not. Do yourself a favor, be skeptical.

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