Coronavirus, our solidarity for China

A coronavirus is a type of virus that causes various infections in respiratory tract. Most coronoviruses aren’t dangerous. However, in december 2019 the World Health Organization (WHO) identifies a new coronavirus type that can be lethal named Covid-19.

Since the outbreak in december 2019, China faces up to serious problems that have impact on medical, social and finally economic field.

At the moment there are 82.171 cases of infections globally of which more than 78.000 located in China, 1.595 in South Korea and 453 in Italy.

However the death rate of this virus is relatively low, in fact there are 33.129 recovered and only 2.804 deaths in the world.

Below a brief rank of Covid-19 infection by country

South Korea1.5952213
Hong Kong92242
United States6060

Watch full map here. Last update: 2/27/2020, 11:23:05 AM

We want to express our solidarity with China and all chinese people around the world in this particularly difficult moment of our history. In many countries there were episodes of racism agaist asian looking people. We don’t approve this kind of behaviour and we would like to remind to everybody that we can go through this period only if we stay united and supportive with each other.

Our best wishes go to all the people out there, in any country who are struggling with this disease. We wish you the best

Wing Chun Kung Fu EU Staff

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